Uk Internet Is Traveling Wild in a Mexican Soccer Jersey

Rafa Fernandez De Castro is a Fusion adviser for Mexico and Latin America. He covers Mexican youth, politics, culture, narcos and funny getting already in a while.


Rappers Future and Drake are assuming Mexico some adulation in their latest music video Used to This.

“Mexicano, I’m alive like a Mexicano,” Future sings in the aperture verses of the song as two soccer teams of replicaample models in Mexico jerseys and anatomy shorts amplitude suggestively on the field. Yes, it’s sexist, like a lot of Soccer Jerseys Reviews productions. But the filmmaker abaft the video says Future and Drake are artlessly aggravating to advance a bulletin of accord in a time of divisiveness.

“Drake and Future had the abstraction of announcement the Mexican Soccer aggregation in the video,” says Eif Rivera, the Puerto Rican filmmaker who directed the music video. “Lyrics in the song acknowledgment Mexico and it was a abundant way to appearance the Mexican humans adulation by creating this beheld that will be apparent by millions of humans beyond the apple but a lot of chiefly the humans of Mexico.”

“The bulletin is to accept fun. Appearance love. Accept a acceptable time,” he told Fusion in an email.

He says the lyrics “working like a Mexicano” are meant to reflect “Mexican humans are actual actual harder workers.”

“Future is a actual actual harder worker. That is what he agency by that line. It is in no way meant to be aspersing or analytical in anyway, appearance or form Soccer jerseys replica,” Rivera said. “It’s not abominable or disrespectful. It’s just two guys apprenticeship a soccer aggregation accepting fun on their day off…. Even if it’s a aggregation of females.”

Rivera, who was aloft in the Bronx, says the country needs to deathwatch up afore it’s too late.

He claims Trump is “toying with the American people” by advocating a “racial divide.”

However, he insists the video is not political.

“Nothing to do with Trump. Backroom is not the ambition here. It was assuming Mexicans and the ability of soccer love.”

Meanwhile the internet is just blessed to see Drake acid la verde.